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   Date : 20-Jun-2012, posted adult stories :

  • How My Boy Friend And His Friend Make Over With Me
    Description : I canít get over what an experience you had with that couple. Iím going to try relate what I think you told me and you can correct or add what I miss. Lets see at first you three were lying around outside and having a nice time laughing and stuff. Some how you all got inside and Iím not sure if you were between them or next to them...
    Author : Mariam Patterson
   Date : 13-Jun-2012, posted adult stories :
  • Unexpected encounter
    Description : While alone in the middle of no where I get an interesting surprise floating down the river...
    Author : Shane Johnson
   Date : 03-Jun-2012, posted adult stories :
   Date : 31-May-2012, posted adult stories :
  • Beating the heat : Part 1
    Description : Daniel and Franky try to beat the heat, which leads to some fun inside the house...
    Author : Franklin
   Date : 22-May-2012, posted adult stories :
   Date : 17-May-2012, posted adult stories :
  • What a vacation
    Description : Wife and I find all kinds of sex on vacation...
    Author : bill
   Date : 16-May-2012, posted adult stories :
   Date : 14-May-2012, posted adult stories :
  • The weekend continues
    Description : Pat"s and my weekend, just keeps getting gayer...
    Author : zack jones
   Date : 10-May-2012, posted adult stories :
  • Dreams really do come true
    Description : A fantasy of mine that is turning out to be a reality. This story is true. Names changed to protect identity...
    Author : Brandon Shearer
   Date : 27-Apr-2012, posted adult stories :

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