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   Date : 29-Oct-2012, posted adult stories :

  • The Beach Ride : Part 2
    Description : After a gay hookup with Louie, we rejoin the others in our group for more fun...
    Author : Andy B
   Date : 22-Oct-2012, posted adult stories :
  • My Wife Loves My Ass!
    Description : My wife loves putting toys in my ass, it gets her so wet and horny it usually ends with me pounding her pussy just like this night!
    Author : BiAznML
   Date : 10-Oct-2012, posted adult stories :
  • The Beach Ride : Part 1
    Description : A horse ride turns into a wild, erotic, bisexual adventure...
    Author : Andy B
   Date : 03-Oct-2012, posted adult stories :
  • Sandra and Graeme 2
    Description : More fun with my lover and his wife...
    Author : Kurt Waldman
   Date : 26-Sep-2012, posted adult stories :
  • Tales From The Drive-Thru : Justin - Part 2
    Description : Just as I had expected the gunman pushed and entered me all at once. he didn"t stop when he had buried his cock all the way in my ass. He started fucking me the sounds of his hips slapping against my ass echoed in the empty drive-thru...
    Author : Joshua Hayden
  • Tales From The Drive-Thru: Beer Pit, Pit Stop
    Description : This is a collection of three short stories. Short escapades that didn"t last long enough to give their own story, but might get you going if put together...
    Author : Joshua Hayden
   Date : 20-Sep-2012, posted adult stories :
   Date : 18-Sep-2012, posted adult stories :
   Date : 01-Sep-2012, posted adult stories :
   Date : 30-Aug-2012, posted adult stories :
  • Fucking a Married Man
    Description : Met a Married Man online, he wanted to fuck me but the rolls shortly reversed...
    Author : Bearsden
  • Sandra and Graeme
    Description : Sharing my boyfriend"s wife...
    Author : Kurt Waldman
   Date : 20-Aug-2012, posted adult stories :
  • DnD streak.
    Description : DnD turns interesting...
    Author : Quinn Adcock

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